Meet us

team hbCansu AKARSU, Turkey, Lead Designer

Loving the flexibility of working in new contexts and settings, Cansu has spent her past five years studying bachelor design degree in Turkey, the Netherlands, and South Korea with a graduation in 2012, while she has worked in Denmark at Designit, India and Uganda for short periods. She has been an active member of the open source innovation platform OpenIDEO with two winning concepts; besides, she was awarded by INDEX: Design to Improve Life and UNICEF with previous school projects.

“The experiences I had in my short career helped me set the concern of having a positive social impact as a primary goal in my profession,” says Cansu. “Being a part of Happy Baby gives me the hands-on experience of field work and working with my multidisciplinary team.”

Kübra SAYGIN, Turkey, Product designer

While studying Industrial Product Design in Turkey, she had chance to practice multiple practices of design from interaction to fashion during her internships. She has been a member of an award winning student group and contributed to the design of Turkey’s first hydrogen powered boat. Her various projects are awarded by GRUNDIG, IMMIB and W Istanbul.

Kübra takes part in Happy Baby development process from prototyping to implementation phases using her design, photography and illustration skills. She believes that taking part in a new culture and environment develops her communication skills verbally and visually.

“I like to call myself as a craftswoman as I am into any kind of work that lets me use my hands; painting, illustration, sewing, metal working or sculpture.”

Josephine Nalugo, Uganda, Breastfeeding Expert, pilot partner and researcher

Josephine, a mother of two breastfed daughters and founder of  a Community Based Organization- Children In Africa Breastfeeding support (CHIABS) has spent her eight years of motherhood since 2004 working with community towards improving their livelihoods through breastfeeding service. Graduated with Hon.BA(SS)  at Makerere University,  a Certified National Trainer in Infant and Young Child Feeding and a dynamic member of International Baby Food Action Network IBFAN Uganda, International Lactation Consultant Association(ILCA).  Josephine has attained further education on breastfeeding  from Austria and United States of America which has enabled me to competently support many families in Uganda to successfully breastfeed.

“My inspiration to improving baby carrying is derived from my childhood being carried as a baby by family, carrying my siblings, my own children and other babies consequently the need to share the benefits of baby carrying and baby safety with the whole world.”

Josephine is a determined open minded person who seeks to learn and share her experience with all individuals regardless of where you come from to enable her move forward. Happy Baby carrier project is a dream come true for me!

Ege Özgirin, Turkey, Media Responsible

Ege has been an architect working in Istanbul. Over the past 5 years he has lived and studied in Turkey, Athens, Belgium and USA. While he was an undergraduate, he had co-founded Olcek 1/1; a non-profit student organization, generating ideas, concepts, designs and constructions for specific regions in Turkey lacking social activation and infrastructure. In 2010, he was awarded by Archiprix Turkey Student Graduation Projects Competition 1st prize. Following his graduation, he was involved in a team of engineers and designers producing a concept of an alternative space elevator. And last summer, he found himself speculating about the Future of Manhattan in MIT.

Ege contributes to filming Happy Baby in Nkokoenjeru after his previous experiences in Turkey, USA and India. In USA and Turkey he shot promo videos for several startups while in India, his shots were part of an internet based video diary.

“I am very excited about the opportunity of documenting and making a film out of this invaluable process.”

Rebecca Asilo, Uganda, Research Student

Rebecca is a finalist student at the Makerere University in Kampala, pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Social Sciences. She has lived all her life in Uganda and she is passionate about taking part in innovative development projects aiming to improve lives of her citizens.

“Working with Happy Baby is a great opportunity for me; sometimes I cannot believe I have so much potential within me that can change lives. I call myself a dreamer and I work to fulfill those dreams””



We have been running the pilot phase of Happy Baby in Nkokonjeru, Central Uganda partnering Children in Africa Breastfeeding Suppoty, a community based Ugandan organization, and Real Medicine Foundation, a non-profit non-governmental organization operating in eighteen countries.

We thank to Children in Africa Breastfeeding Support for mobilizing Nkokonjeru Town Council, local leaders, local mobilizers, village health team members, community members, parents and babies, Nkokonjeru Hospital administration and staff , International Baby Food Action Network Uganda (IBFAN), and all the people of Nkokonjeru.

5 thoughts on “Meet us

  1. Stefanie

    Dear Happy Baby Carrier Team
    I just found your site and read about your project. As a babywearing instructor in switzerland, wife of an african, mother of a carried baby and working in a developpment project for and in africa, I am interested in that topic.
    But, I have a view questions, could you contact me trough email?

  2. Asilo Rebecca

    Dear Happy Baby Team
    it is such a great innovation that focused on the African way of baby carrying.
    There are lots of problems that Africa faces and this project can be an initial root to unknowingly solve some of the challenges. I liked the fact that the target was put on the entire family and that the long term benefits of the Happy Baby Carrier are gender sensitive.

    1. cansuakarsu

      Hello Ibrahim Betil, we are delighted to hear from you! We are currently continuing our implementation in Uganda and we are seeking for new partners to spread Happy Baby to new countries beginning of 2014. Hope to be in touch by email.


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