Happy Baby Rebecca

After returning from Uganda, we have been developing the Happy Baby carrier with the help of families volunteering to be test users. We met baby Rebecca when she was only a month old and she was brave enough to try out the first prototypes of Happy Baby! During the past months, Rebecca and her family was visited several times as the design has evolved with their feedback.

Baby Rebecca

“It has been exciting to follow the design process and test the different prototypes. It has made me very happy to think that Rebecca and I might be in a small way helping parents in Uganda and other countries connect to and safely carry their babies,” says mother Jade.

As we continued the design, we decided to give Rebecca and her family our final baby carrier model along with the ‘Happy Baby Experience Kit.’ During the past weeks, Jade has been sending us photos of their experience and feedback on the long-term usage of the carrier. Rebecca is now five months old and she can be carried both in the front and on the back.

Baby Rebecca“Rebecca likes to be close to us and observe the world around her from her higher vantage point. It is soothing for her to be carried and she happily will take a nap while in the baby carrier,” adds Jade, as Rebecca looks at me with curious eyes.

It has been a very exciting and an emotional process to follow Rebecca grow up reaping the benefits of being close to her parents, facilitated by the carrier we made with our own hands:)


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