Special thanks to Nadia and Jade

When developing a carrier, it is a must to obtain the comfort and safety of the baby. Nadia, founder of SlyngeSkolen, is our beloved expert who gives baby carrying education to mothers and fathers all over Denmark. Last week she generously dedicated her time for meeting us and giving feedback on ‘Tied up.’ So far we have given a lot of focus on having the baby’s hip in the correct position. Nadia brought another perspective by suggesting that babies, especially the newborns, commonly keep their hands together close to their chests. Instead of fixing the baby’s hands down, we should let them be free to be in the desired position.


When Nadia shared us on Slynge Skolen Facebook page, we got the chance to access a network of mothers in Denmark. Super excited to try ‘Tied-up’ with a newborn size baby, we asked if any mother was willing and available for a user-test. Jade was kind enough to invite us over and try ‘Tied up’ on with her 5 weeks old baby Rebecca. She carried Rebecca for about an hour continuing her daily tasks such as emptying the dish washer. ‘Tied up’ seemed to work with Rebecca’s hands and legs. Jade’s one concern was to keep her baby’s neck more supported, so she advised us to make the top part tighter and higher. Hugs to both.


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