Designing on site

‘Tied up’

Field trips to Lira and Kasese gave the opportunity to test some of our prototypes and get instant feedback from mothers and fathers. With this motivation, we decided to spend few days in Kampala and work on an improved carried with their suggestions, before going on our final research trip. The very first carrier we designed in Uganda definitely had to be prototyped with the materials we have gathered during the trips.

Remember the second-hand fabric we bought during the market research in Lira? While using this material for the exterior part of the carrier, the soft cushion parts holding the weight of of the baby were made of cut offs collected from nearby tailors. By turning the living room into our workspace, we created the right environment for our improved carrier ‘Tied up’ to come out.


Goat Races

During the free days in Kampala, we also had the time to attend a very interesting event: Goat Races. As the goats were pushed forward from behind, all they could do was to crowd in, bumping into each other and trying to find a place to move. The goats seemed to be oblivious of the race and all attention on themselves.


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