First days in Kampala

It is a pleasure to be welcomed by our beautiful host and team mate Josephine in Uganda. After meeting her family, we spent an evening discussing about our research details for the coming days. The next day, she showed us how to carry Mette with different traditional Ugandan wraps and commented on the different prototypes we brought.

Already on the first day, a mother money inspired us with its baby carrying method; the baby was holding tight on her belly as its mother moved around.  By the way another monkey stole our lunch.

The research in Uganda started with investigating the existing baby carriers in the urban market. It was clear that there were no locally produced carriers in the visited shops and the imported carriers were not well known brands with a high quality. All the mothers we saw on the street used a traditional cloth to wrap their babies on their back.

Next step was to visit the neighborhood with textile retailers where we could find out about the price and quality of the fabrics, both imported and locally manufactured.

Just a couple of kilometers away from the city, we got the chance to visit a hand woven fabric and crafts workshop. We were amazed both by the high quality of the natural fabrics and the workshop’s ‘no left overs’ policy.

On the coming day, we met an urban family and a mother from a breastfeeding organization who have carried their babies using both a modern carrier and a traditional wrap. After going through our interview to learn about their experiences, they tested one of our prototypes and gave their feedback. This gave us the chance to carry their lovely son using the ‘Lift up’ model and to realize that a real baby felt much different from carrying Mette, our doll.